The Ultimate Guide to Being a Volunteer Treasurer

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Have you recently stepped into the role of volunteer treasurer? The treasurer role of a nonprofit organization can be an incredibly rewarding experience but also a little bit daunting. The position does require financial expertise, dedication as well as time and patience. However, that doesn’t mean that record keeping can’t be fun! We are here to help you with your transition into your new role and we have developed this Ultimate Guide just for you. From the moment you agree to the position, to a handy end-of-year checklist; consider this...

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Simple Team Manager Software

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Managing a team requires a lot of responsibility, especially when the team is off-the-field. That is why team manager software is a great idea. Team management takes a high level of organization and attention to detail and we want to make all of this easy for you. We want to minimize your management time in order to maximize your time supporting your team. Communication Clear communication plays a vital role in effective team management. It is important to get everyone’s contact information. Then, set up a master email list so families can...

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The Overlooked Holiday: Why Valentine’s Day Fundraisers Work

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These Valentine’s Day fundraisers give everyone a chance to celebrate. Raise funds and fun this year with some of our great ideas.

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Form 1023-EZ Streamlined Application of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

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Great news for those seeking nonprofit status. The federal tax exempt status application, or Form 1023, has been streamlined! Once upon a time, it was necessary for every applicant seeking 501(c)(3) nonprofit federal tax exempt status to fill out Form 1023 which is 26 pages long. Once all attachments, schedules and other materials are attached, it is common for these applications to exceed 50 pages. Where to Find Form 1023-EZ The new form, titled 1023-EZ, is available now. Interested applicants can find it on, fill it out, and file...

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2 Essential Treasurer Reports for Nonprofit Organizations

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Treasurer reports are a key tool in accurate nonprofit financial reporting. Running reports is a great way to keep track of all money that goes in and out of your accounts. Plus, sharing these reports with your Board of Directors or membership is a great way to get everyone in agreement if there is a problem or perhaps a large cash overage. In the same manner, these reports provide an accurate paper trail that is a good safeguard against fraud. Typically, these reports are run monthly. Even if your organization meets less frequently, it is...

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Teen Community Service Clubs

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Teen Community Service Clubs are a wonderful way to involve young people in community service. There are a number of reasons why a student may seek involvement, they may have a passion for a cause, or they may be looking to fulfill school or scout requirements. Some see service club involvement as a valuable way to gain experience to add to a resume. Who Can Join Teen Community Service Clubs are usually inclusive. Young people between the age of 11-18 may join and a club could be run by an older student plus an adult advisor.  Clubs could be...

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How to Resign from Your HOA Board

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Committing to a volunteer HOA board position is a large responsibility. For as many good reasons there are to be involved, there are just as many reasons to resign. HOA resignations should be made as tactfully as possible and we have put together a few pointers in order to help you through your transition. Timing is Everything HOA commitments are important. If possible, it is best to finish all projects that you began when you were on the board. It would be wise to maintain involvement through the duration of the project or at least hold off...

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The Purpose of Community Service Clubs

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During the season of giving we thought it apt to share about the purpose of Community Service Clubs and highlight the projects and work that they do.

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Be Heard: Tips for Speaking to Your HOA

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For many homeowners it is necessary to be involved in your HOA. If an issue does arise in your neighborhood, here are the steps you can take to effectively address your HOA Board.

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Donor Appreciation No Matter How Small the Donation

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All donations are worthy of a “thank you” no matter the size. Here are a few ways to acknowledge donors that won’t break your bank.

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